Faria Transom Mount Transducer - 235Khz 26 Cable & Low Profile [Sn2011] - Boat Outfitting

Faria Transom Mount Transducer - 235kHz [SN2011]

  • $101.70

Transom Mount Transducer - 235kHz

With a low profile this depth unit offers little drag and easy installation for dead rise angles up to 30°. 

Recommended for boats up to 22' (7M) and speeds up to 50 MPH (44 KMH)

Designed with a release bracket to protect against impact damage. 

Comes with a Faria HW0197 connection to easily connect to a Faria Depth Sounders with a 2-pin Packard connection.


  • 25" Cable (stripped wire) included
  • 235KHz performance

Factory P/N SN2011